BATCH 1 - LIC AAO 2023 Descriptive English

Dear LIC AAO 2023 Mains aspirants,                                                   

Descriptive English Course - LIC AAO 2023 (Click here...)

Register yourself in this batch for free. In case, any doubt persists then please text us. Regular descriptive assignments are being provided. You need to attempt these on a regular basis. In this batch, you would get as follows:-

  • Essay / Letter Mocks with expert evaluation on a regular basis

  • Essay / Letter Non - Personalized Mocks on a regular basis

  • Important Study Materials

  • Model Essays

  • Model Letters

  • Important Essay Topics for LIC AAO 2023

  • Important Letter Topics for LIC AAO 2023


  • 31 lessons

We are pleased to announce a free online batch for LIC AAO 2023 Descriptive English. The course will focus on developing your descriptive writing skills, including essay writing and letter writing. The course will be conducted entirely online, so you can participate from anywhere.

The course will consist of a series of interactive exercises, practice assignments, Model Essays, Model Letters and study materials. You will have access to the course materials 24/7, so you can study at your own pace. You will also have the opportunity to interact with our mentor digitally.

To enroll in the course, simply register for the free course. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to improve your English writing skills and prepare for the LIC AAO Descriptive English section.