Reading Comprehension: Fundamentals

Comprehension Dear Aspirant, To tame this section is a herculean task especially for those who have had Hindi background. It proves to be difficult for all when Ø  they fail to update themselves in matters of current affairs with data Ø  they Read More …

IB ACIO Tier II Syllabus: All You Need to Know


Can you unlock the hidden meaning of a passage? Test your reading comprehension skills and analyze content like a pro.
Unfamiliar vocabulary got you down? Expand your vocabulary and confidently tackle challenging words.
Master the art of grammar analysis. Ensure your understanding of sentence structure and elevate your writing.
Precis Writing:

Become a master of condensation! Learn to summarize accurately while preserving key points.
Write with clarity and precision. Craft summaries that are easy to understand and free from ambiguity.
Embrace brevity without sacrificing accuracy. Present the essence of a passage in a concise and impactful way.
Essay Writing:

Structure your thoughts like a pro. Master the art of organizing your ideas into a clear and coherent essay.
Support your arguments with solid evidence. Impress the examiners with strong reasoning and convincing facts.
Express yourself flawlessly. Write with clarity, conciseness, and a touch of elegance.
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Descriptive ESI Question asked in RBI Grade B Previously – New Education Policy

“Delve into the transformative landscape of India’s education system with insights into the National Education Policy 2020. Uncover key provisions focusing on early childhood education, foundational literacy, curriculum reforms, language instruction, and innovative assessment strategies. Explore the policy’s emphasis on teacher training, collaborative school clusters, vocational education, and inclusive practices. Witness a comprehensive vision unfolding to shape a holistic and learner-centric educational experience for students in the 21st century.”