Dear Aspirant,

Communication means sharing of information or intelligence. We employ two mediums of communication:

  • Verbal and
  • Non-verbal

In Verbal Communication, we use a language that we know. And a good verbal communicator has the following qualities:

  1. S/He keeps good command over words and their usage
  2. S/He keeps good command over the English Grammar
  3. S/He listens a lot but speaks only the essential
  4. S/He has sound analytical power to analyze any particular situation
  5. S/He has potential to process his thought

If you are good at writing Articles, Essays, Letters, Editorials and the other, it means you’re a good verbal communicator.

Note: In Non-verbal Communication, we use our gestures and postures.

Now, let’s discuss the kinds of Letters. Broadly speaking, letters are of two types:

  • Informal Letters and
  • Formal Letters

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