30 Most probable / Important Essay Topics for SBI PO 2023

Here are 30 important essay topics that are probably to be asked in SBI PO 2023 exams:

  1. Role of Technology in Banking Sector
  2. Digital India: Opportunities and Challenges
  3. Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Economy
  4. Financial Inclusion and its Significance
  5. Women Empowerment in India
  6. Climate Change and its Effects on Economy
  7. Role of Agriculture in Indian Economy
  8. Cybersecurity: Challenges and Solutions
  9. GST: Pros and Cons
  10. Education Reforms in India
  11. Future of Work: Automation and Job Market
  12. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  13. Demonetization: Success or Failure?
  14. Role of Banks in Rural Development
  15. E-commerce: Boon or Bane
  16. Social Media and its Impact on Society
  17. India’s Space Program: Achievements and Challenges
  18. Renewable Energy: A Sustainable Future
  19. Impact of Globalization on Indian Economy
  20. Role of Youth in Nation Building
  21. Judicial Activism vs. Judicial Restraint
  22. NPA Crisis in Indian Banking Sector
  23. Water Conservation: Need of the Hour
  24. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: Progress and Challenges
  25. Role of Media in Democracy
  26. Economic Reforms in India: Past, Present, and Future
  27. Importance of Ethics in Business
  28. Make in India: Progress and Challenges
  29. Public Health Infrastructure in India
  30. Smart Cities Mission: Prospects and Challenges

These topics cover a range of issues related to economy, society, technology, and governance, which are the most likely to be asked in SBI PO 2023 exam. It’s important to stay updated on current affairs and have a good understanding of these topics to write effective essays.