Agriculture and Rural Development for NABARD Grade A & B Exam Syllabus and Quizzes

Dear Aspirant,

Agriculture and Rural Development is a very important section for NABARD Grade A and Grade B exams. What you need is to deal with this section quite well. The exams cover the following topics. Useful Quizzes have been supplied against the major sections:

AGRICULTUREDefinition, meaning and its branches
Agronomy: Definition, meaning, and scope of agronomy
Classification of field crops
Factors affecting crop production
Agro Climatic Zones
Cropping Systems: Definition and Types of Cropping systems
Problems of dry land – Seed production, seed processing, seed village
Meteorology: weather parameters, crop0-weather advisory
Precision Farming
System of Crop Intensification
Major Soil Types
Soil fertility
Soil Erosion
Soil Conservation
Watershed Management
Water ResourceIrrigation Management
Types of Irrigation
Sources of Irrigation
Crop-water requirement
Command Area Development
Water Conservation Techniques
Irrigation Pumps
Major, Medium and Minor Irrigation
Farm and Agriculture EngineeringFarm Machinery and Power
Sources of Power on the farm-human, animal, mechanical, electrical, wind, solar and biomass, biofuels
Water harvesting structures
Farm Ponds
Controlled and modified storage, perishable food storage, godowns, bins, and grain silos
Plantation and HorticultureDefinition, meaning, and its branches
Agronomic practices and production technology of various plantation and horticulture crops
Post-harvest management, value and supply chain management of Plantation and Horticulture crops
Animal husbandryFarm animals and their role in the Indian Economy
Animal husbandry methods in India
Common terms pertaining to different species of livestock
Utility classification of breeds of cattle
Introduction to common feeds and folders, their classification and utility
Introduction to the poultry industry in India (Past, present,and future)
Common terms pertaining to poultry production and management
The concept of mixed farming and its relevance to socio-economic conditions of farmers in India
Complimentary and obligatory nature of livestock and poultry production with that of agriculture farming.
FisheriesFisheries resources
Management and exploitation – freshwater, brackish water, and marine
Aquaculture-Inland and marine
Post-harvest technology
Importance of fisheries in India
Common terms pertaining to fish production
ForestryBasic concepts of Forest and Forestry
Principles of silviculture, forest mensuration, forest management, and Forest economics
Concepts of social forestry, agroforestry, joint forest management
Forest policy and legislation in India, India State of Forest Report 2015
Recent developments under the Ministery of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
Agriculture ExtensionsIts importance and role, methods of evaluation of extension programmes
Role of Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s (KVK) in the determination of Agriculture technologies
Ecology and Climate ChangeEcology and its relevance to man, natural resources, sustainable management, and conservation
Causes of climate change, Green House Gases (GHG), major (GHG) emitting countries, climate analysis
Distinguish between adaptation and mitigation
Climate change impact to agriculture and rural livelihoods
Carbon credit
IPCC, UNFCCC, CoP meetings
Funding mechanisms for climate change projects
Initiatives by Govt of India, NAPCC< SAPCC, INDC
Present ScenarioRecent trends
Major challenges in agriculture measures to enhance
Viability of agriculture factors of production in agriculture
Agriculture Fiance and Marketing
Impact of Globalization on Indian Agriculture and issues of Food security
Concept and types of Farm Management
Rural DevelopmentConcept of Rural Area
Structure of the Indian Rural Economy
Importance and role of the rural sector in India
Economic, SOcial and Demographic characteristics of the India Rural Economy
Causes of Rural Backwardness
Rural Population in India
Occupational Structure
Farmers, Agricultural Laborers, Artisans, Handicrafts, traders, Forest dwellers/tribes and others in rural India
Trends of change in rural population and rural workforce
Problems and conditions of rural labor
Issues and challenges in Hand-looms
Panchayati Raj Institutions – Functions and working
MGNREGA, NRLM-Aajevika, Rural Drinking water programmes, Swacch Bharat, Rural Housing, PURA, and other rural development programmes