ARD NABARD MAINS 2020 Quiz 7: Soil Erosion and Conservation

Soil Erosion and Conservation

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1. If there is a little slope in the field, the soil erosion can be prevented by:


2. The fertility level of any soil is generally determined by:


3. The most common method used for cultivation on hills:


4. The disadvantage of ploughing in arid and semi-arid zones is:


5. Gullies are removed by:


6. An important agrostological technique to check soil erosion in the initial stages is:


7. Which of the following plants are used as wind breaks?


8. The most significant and initial requirement for dry farming is:


9. The soil permeability can be decreased due to blockers called:


10. The removal of weeds by ploughing is called:


11. Contour binding is done to check:


12. The soil binding is done in the best way by:


13. When trees and shrubs are planted in long orws along streams, they are described as:


14. Digging pits on the slopes just for the accumulation of run off is called as:


15. Terracing is done in: