Canara Bank Internal Promotion Exam 2023 – Quiz 1

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What are the Key Points for Valuation of Movable / Hypothecated Asset in case of Agri loans ? ( HO CIR IC/7/2023 DT. 04.01.2023)



Which CBS Fast Path code is used to update the valuation report for Agri loans?



KYC data of individual accounts is to be uploaded to Central KYC Registry(CKYCR) within how many days from the date of establishing account based relationship?



Which of the following is the maximum limit for agricultural loans that can be valued by branch officials under the delegation of powers by HO CIR IC/7/2023 DT. 04.01.2023?



Valuation of agricultural lands with structures (like farm house/poultry sheds) to be completed once in how many years?



Delegation of Powers for valuation of Agri Land by branch officials, By AEOs/AMRDs and AEO/AMRD Promotee Managers – Agricultural loans upto a limit of Rs.



Independent valuation reports from 2 empanelled valuers in respect of Agri loan accounts where the value of the property (Land & Building) is Rs …………. crores & above. ( HO CIR IC/7/2023 DT. 04.01.2023)



Online verification facility has been provided to all branches in …………. package for authenticity of PAN, Voter ID and Aadhaar number . (HO CIR IC/4/2023 DT. 03.01.2023)



While valuing agri landed properties, which of the following aspects should be taken into consideration?



Lands without any structures, in view of the dynamic status of productivity, valuation to be completed, once in how many years?

Is fire hot or cold?