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Now, get, set, go for the Quiz below

1. The ‘Introductory Paragraph’ of an Essay requires


2. ‘Essays’ are


3. Which person should be used in précis writing?


4. Which of the following plays is an important part in precis writing


5. Which of the following is not a necessary requirement in precis?


6. The doctor suggested that the patient should take green vegetables – the vegetables full of minerals and vitamins, milk and milk-products full of protein, pulses, cereals, dry fruits etc to remain healthy.

What was the doctor’s suggestion?


7. ‘We regret exceedingly that the very brief interval of time which has elapsed since you first had your proposal presented to us has not been sufficient to enable us to give the matter our attention.’

The above sentence can be shorted as


8. When writing the main idea, paragraphs


9. The conclusion of an ‘Essay’ should


10. This is a sentence or two that captures the readers’ attention, so that they are encouraged to read more.


11. Writing many ideas for an essay, before organizing them in an outline is called


12. This is the process of writing, in your own words, about what you have read or heard that someone else says/said. If this process is used in an academic essay, citation is needed.


13. Which words are not suitable in a précis?


14. Which of the following is not required in précis writing


15. All the great religious teachers of mankind have insisted on this that men ought not to live for themselves alone. We ought not, they have said, to spend all our time and energy in getting just what we want for ourselves, power and money and importance in the world; we ought to serve something greater than ourselves. Whether a God or a cause or our fellowmen. It is by serving this something greater that men will forget themselves and so achieve happiness. This or something like it is what the great religions have taught, and it is one of the most important of the things that civilization means. It is also the hardest to learn and practice; in fact, most people have found it much too hard.

Marks – 6

Which of the following may be the most suitable title of the above?