Economic and Social Issues (ESI) for NABARD, RBI, SEBI

The Section ‘Economic and Social Issues (ESI)’ is concerned with our day-to-day life and so you can score better; however, the following tips deserve your attention:

  1. Almost 70% of the questions from this Section are asked from the Current Affairs related to the Indian Economy and the Social Condition here. The rest 30% of questions are asked from the Static Economic and Social Part.
  2. You should make your foundation strong enough to deal with the questions easily. For this, you should focus on the following areas:
  • National Income, Development and growth budget, Bank Rates, Fiscal/Revenue Deficits, Taxation, Inflation, Banking, and Finance Sector in India, Role of Government of India, RBI, its roles, and its policies, SEBI, and its functions, NABARD and its functions, Planning Commission/NITI Ayog, and many other developmental Institutions in India and abroad.
  • Different kinds of Economies (Capitalist, Socialist, Mixed), the Basics of LPG (Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization), International Organizations such as IMF and its Functions, IBRD, WHO, WTO, UNO, etc are worth readable for a better score in the examination.

Note: ‘Bankwhizz’ and its Quizzes based on all these topics will suffice.

Now, attempt the following Quizzes:

  1. ESI Quiz – 1
  2. ESI Quiz – 2
  3. ESI Quiz – 3
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  5. ESI Quiz – 5
  6. ESI Quiz – 6
  7. ESI Quiz – 7
  8. ESI Quiz – 8
  9. ESI Quiz – 9
  10. ESI Quiz – 10
  11. ESI Quiz – 11
  12. ESI Previous Year NABARD Questionnaire
  13. ESI Quiz-1 on Globalization
  14. ESI Quiz-2 on Globalization
  15. ESI Quiz-3 on Globalization
  16. ESI Quiz-4 on Globalization
  17. ESI Quiz on Povery Alleviation

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