Economic and Social Issues (ESI) Quiz 6 : For NABARD Grade A 2020 and RBI Grade B 2020

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1. Birth rate in a country is defined as


2. What does the law of demand state?


3. Unemployment that arises when there is a general downturn in business activity is known as


4. Which tax is entirely borne by the entity it is levied upon and cannot be passed?


5. In economic equilibrium, what is the condition of the supply and demand?


6. Ad Valorem tax is levied on which quantity?


7. The SLR is determined by the RBI. SLR stands for


8. Which is an Indian Government Savings Bond, primarily used for small savings and income tax saving investments in India?


9. The goods which people consume more, when their price rises are called _______


10. Lowering of value of a currency relative to a foreign reference currency is called ………………….