Error Detection Quiz 1 | SEBI |RBI | NABARD | IBPS|IRDA


Direction (1-10): Read each of the following sentences to find out if there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number (A, B, C or D) of this part is your answer. If there is no error in the statement, then mark option (e) as your answer choice.

1. a) He put /b) all his energy in accomplishing /c) the project and /d) he could not do it. / e) No error.


2. a) As he had no alternatives /b) so he was compelled /c) to do such work /d) that no body likes. /e) No error.


3. a) She being both beautiful and intelligent /b) enough /c) she was chosen /d) Miss India-2007. / No error.


4. a) Not only she offered him / b) some food but she also /c) offered him /d) shelter for a day. / e) No error.


5. a) He acted so well /b) in dramas as he became /c) the most popular /d) actor in his period. / e) No error.


6. a) Supposing if /b) everybody goes against / b) your standpoint /c) in the meeting, / d) what will you do? /e) No error.


7. a) It is suggested /b) that if it starts raining, /c) you should stay /d) back in the farm house. /e) No error.


8. a) As long as the note /b) in your hand is concerned,/c) it is a fake note /d) which is of no value at all./e) No error.


9. a) When asked /b) I said that /c) I did not know /d) if I could solve the problem./e) No error.


10. a) He is the same /b) man as /c) helped her when /d) she was in dire need of money./ e) No error.