Error Detection Quiz 3

Direction (1-10): Read each of the following sentences to find out if there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number (A, B, C or D) of this part is your answer. If there is no error in the statement, then mark option (e) as your answer choice.

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1. a) It is a truism /b) that a barking dog /c) seldom /d) or ever bites. / e) No error.


2. a) Whether it is living beings /c) or non-living beings, / c) all are /d) beautiful creations of God. / e) No error.


3. a) Do the work yourself b) and /c) you will get experience /d) of doing it. / e) No error.


4. a) Could you tell me /b) the other short cut way /c) to the airport /d) except this one. / e) No error.


5. a) Hardly had he /b) switched on the fan /c) to get relief from the scorching heat /d) than lights went out. / e) No error.


6. a) As the earth /b) is round is /c) generally known to everybody /d) who lives in the society where education is valued. / e) No error.


7. a) In this stormy day, / b) leave for your house immediately /c) lest it starts /d) raining cats and dogs. / e) No error.


8. a) The mother made her son understand that /b) supposing /c) he lost his way in the jungle /d) he should ask Lord Krishna for help. / e) No error.


9. a) Flattering himself /b) the jailer said /c) that however a criminal is murderous /d) he should edify him. /e) No error.


10. a) When he / b) wrote neither a letter nor phoned her, / c) she reached the place /d) of his dwelling. /e) No error.