ESI (Economic and Social Issues) Quiz 15 for RBI, NABARD, SEBI, IRDA and Others : Globalization


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1. Where do MNCs choose to set up production?


2. Cargill Foods, an MNC has bought over which indigenous Indian company?


3. Ford Motors entered the Indian automobile business in collaboration with which Indian manufacturer?


4. Trade between countries:


5. Globalisation by connecting countries leads to:


6. One major factor that has stimulated the globalisation process is:


7. Which out of the following is an example of a trade barrier?


8. Removing barriers or restrictions set by the government is called:


9. WTO aims at:


10. Which out of the following industries has a large number of well-off buyers in urban areas?


11. Globalisation has created new opportunities of:


12. One major government initiative to attract foreign companies to invest in India is:


13. Globalisation has posed major challenges for:


14. With the growing competition, most employers these days prefer to employ workers:


15. Globalisation opportunities for paid work for women has denied them:


16. Fair globalisation would mean:


17. Government can make globalisation more ‘fair’ by: