Essay on Ease of Doing Business in India for Bank Exams

Ease of Doing Business

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Ease of Doing Business is an index that shows how easy it is to run a business. It is published by the World Bank of India. This essay-topic seems to be important for Bank Exams. Let’s try to write an essay on it in about 250 words. The following are the main headlines to be supplied with the relevant contents.

  1. Definition of ‘Ease of Doing Business’ (EDB)
  2. Position of EDB in India as against those which are ranked better
  3. Benefits of EDB in a country like India
  4. Challenges on the way to EDB in India
  5. The state(s) which are ranked better in India
  6. Measures being taken by India to ease business
  7. Conclusion


  1. EDB index is published by the World Bank.
  2. India is expected to reach 116.00 by the end of 2020 as per Trading Economics Global Macro Models
  3. India jumps to 63rd position as against that in the year 2019 in World Bank’s EDB 2020 Report with DB Sore of 71.0.
  4. New Zealand has topped the EDB.
  5. Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala are ranked better
  6. EDB is important for employment generation, the introduction of newer technology, FDIs, FIIs, etc.
  7. Red-tapism is the most challenging hurdle on the way to EDB. In addition, easy transport, road availability, cheap labour, promising market, skilled workers, etc. will help India be better in EDB.

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Ease of Doing Business in India 

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