Essay Writing Exercise – Online Examinatinos : SEBI Grade A 2023

Hints based on dot connecting methods for writing essay on Online Examinations and hacking

Here is an essay exercise for SEBI Grade A 2023 aspirants:

Topic: Online Examinations and Hacking

Instructions: Write an essay of about 250 words discussing the relationship between online examinations and hacking. Use the hints provided below to guide your writing. Make sure to connect the dots between the hints to construct a cohesive and well-organized essay.


Introduction: Provide a brief overview of online examinations and the increasing use of technology in education.

Advantages of online examinations: Discuss the benefits of online examinations such as convenience, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Disadvantages of online examinations: Highlight the potential risks associated with online examinations, particularly the threat of hacking.

What is hacking: Define hacking and explain how it poses a risk to online examinations.

Types of hacking: Discuss the various forms of hacking that can occur in the context of online examinations, such as stealing exam questions or manipulating exam results.

Consequences of hacking: Describe the consequences of hacking in online examinations, including compromised exam integrity and unfair advantage to certain students.

Preventative measures: Discuss the measures that can be taken to prevent hacking in online examinations, such as using secure servers, employing encryption technologies, and monitoring exam activity in real-time.

Importance of student responsibility: Emphasize the importance of student responsibility in preventing hacking, including avoiding suspicious emails or messages, using strong passwords, and keeping their devices up-to-date with the latest security patches.

Future implications: Discuss the potential future implications of the increasing use of online examinations and the need for continued improvements in security measures.

Conclusion: Summarize the key points discussed in the essay and provide a final thought on the importance of ensuring the fairness and integrity of online examinations.