Essay Writing on Online Examinations and hacking – LIC AAO 2023

Online examinations have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has forced many educational institutions to transition to remote learning. While online exams offer many advantages such as flexibility and convenience, they are also prone to hacking, cheating and other security breaches. In this essay, we will explore the issue of hacking in online examinations.

One of the primary concerns with online examinations is the ease with which they can be hacked. With the increasing sophistication of technology, it has become relatively easy for hackers to access exam questions and answers. They can use various techniques such as phishing attacks, keystroke logging, and brute force attacks to gain access to sensitive information. As a result, many students have resorted to cheating by purchasing exam answers or by accessing the exam system through hacking.

Furthermore, online exams are susceptible to other forms of cheating such as impersonation and plagiarism. Hackers can use fake IDs to impersonate students, while others may copy and paste answers from the internet without giving credit to the original source. This can lead to students achieving higher scores than they would if they had taken the exam honestly, leading to an unfair advantage.

To combat the issue of hacking in online examinations, educational institutions must implement appropriate security measures. This may include multi-factor authentication, encryption, and access control mechanisms. Additionally, educators can design assessments that are less susceptible to cheating by incorporating elements such as randomized questions and monitoring software.

In conclusion, while online examinations have many advantages, they are also prone to hacking and cheating. It is imperative that educational institutions implement appropriate security measures to protect the integrity of online exams and ensure that students are assessed fairly. With the right measures in place, online examinations can provide a reliable and secure way of assessing student performance.