Essay Writing Practice Mock Test 1 for NABARD, RBI, SEBI, IRDA, SBI, IBPS


Writing an Essay is entirely a different skill. It requires:
(a) Descriptive Knowledge of various topics
(b) Sound Vocabulary (Words, Idioms/Phrases, One word Substitutions)
(c) Sound Knowledge of Current Affairs
(d) Good skill in data mining
(e) Healthy Thought Processing
(f) Strong Guidance
Now, What can Bankwhizz help you write an Effective Essay?
Dispel the Phobia of writing an Essay!
Just write an answer to the essay topic given here. (Practice every day on a different topic)
Then why wait? Let, set, go!

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1. How is COVID 19 affecting the World Economy?

Write an essay on the given topic in about 250 words.