FINANCIAL AWARENESS QUIZ 8 for SEBI and Other Regulatory Body Exams


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1. ………… a measure of the dispersion of returns around the mean.


2. The actual market value of a right will differ from its theoretical value for all of the following regions except for :


3. In a common stock rights offering the subscription price is generally:


4. Latter stock is


5. A preliminary prospectus is known as a 


6. If an investment banker has agreed to sell a new issue of securities on a best- efforts price basis,  the issue


7. Which of the following is component of capital market?



Which organisation regulates capital market?

9. In capital markets, which of the following are the major suppliers of trading instruments?


10. Price of underlying asset is added into intrinsic value of option to calculate which of the following?



Financial institutions having loans swapped for bonds can sell all bonds in which of the following?