Formal Letter Writing for SBI PO Exam

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Hello Friends,

Letter-writing is an art; so it should be dealt with keeping all aspects of it in mind. Let’s discuss a formal letter asked in IBPS Bank PO Exam. The Letter topic was:


To write on this letter effectively, keep in mind the following points which you use in the Examination Hall for better score:

  1. Just think what File Management System is
  2. Why is File Management System necessary?
  3. Compare the old status of File Management System with that of the present one as regards vulnerability
  4. Then start pointing out your suggestions which you want to share


Look at the Sample Letter which will suffice. Notice how it mentions all important aspects that make the letter complete and marks-fetching.

Address: XXXX

Date: XXXX


The Manager,


Subject: About Management of Files


A File Management System is a system which manages data files either Online or Offline or both. This system makes it easy to store and retrieve data on real-time. It comprises highly confidential and necessary files of customers and the other. In case any data is lost, the related bank may incur heavy losses.

The Manual Management of Bank files involves risks. The files managed in this way may be lost forever in case any mishappening takes place in the bank premises. In this world where technology has gone advanced and CBS is running in all bank branches, File Management System involves almost no risk. Banks save all the data in different locations thus minimizing the risk of any data being lost. Besides this, the following innovative ideas can be suggested in this connection:

1.       The Data stored must be saved on a daily basis in 2-3 pen drives and it must be updated every day apart from sharing them in different bank branch locations.

2.       The Bank-software system must be protected under highly effective anti-malware soft-wares.

3.       A very strong Bank Soft-ware Management system and regular its regular update can make it invulnerable to any unethical hackers or malwares.

4.       All transactions must be made on the real-time basis.

5.       The File-storage system must be made strong against any physical tampering or damage.

6.       The File Storage Location must be protected by supplying strong Passwords.

7.       The physical formats of any Mortgages, Loans or other Financial Documents must be watermarked with reviews so as not to be forged.

The above are some of the effective innovative ideas that can be followed in managing Bank Files.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,