Highly Important Descriptive FM Questions for RBI Grade B – 2022

RBI phase 2 descriptive fm questions

Friend, as you know that the Finance and Management Paper in the second phase of the RBI Grade B Exam will comprise 6 questions – 3 long type questions and 3 short type questions, but you need to attempt only 4 out of them – 2 from the Long type questions and 2 from the Short type questions. The long-type questions will carry 30 marks for 2 questions and the short-type questions will carry 20 marks for two questions, and in this way, the total marks for this paper will be 50.

The following are the two Descriptive Finance and Management Mocks. Register for free for one FM mock with evaluation by our experts.

FM Full Mock – 1 (50 Marks)

(A) Long Type Questions (600 words) (2×15 = 30 Marks)

1.   What are the functions of the following Regulatory Bodies:


2.   What are Basel Norms and what are the pillars of Basel 3 Norms?

3.   What is Corporate Governance and what are its key Principles?

(B)        Short type Questions (2×10=20)

1.   Write a short note on ‘Central Bank Digital Currency.

2.   What are the major announcements of Union Budget 2022-23?

3.   Discuss the difference between Transformational and Transactional Leadership.

FM Full Mock – 2 (50 Marks)

(A)      Long Type – 600 Words (2 x 15 = 30 Marks)

1.   Write short notes on the following:

(a) SEBI

(b) Stock Exchange

(c) GST

(d)  Syndicate Loans

(e) Small Payments Banks

2.   Trace the developments in financial sector reforms in India since the 1991 Economic Reforms.

3.   Write a note on RBI’s attempt in giving licenses to small payments banks for a small finance bank (SFB).

(A)         Short Type Questions – 400 Words (2×10)

a)   Write a short note on ‘How can the digitally literate India make the country a 5 trillion dollar economy?’

b)   What is Behavioral Reinforcement? Explain the position and negative reinforcement. c)   Describe how RBI plays an important role in regulating and managing Foreign Exchange of the country.