How to increase Writing Skills in English for IBPS PO 2022

IBPS PO 2022

You must have realized how important it is for you to enhance your writing skills in English, as the descriptive mode of writing fully dominates the game-changer phase-II exam. Whether it is a paper on economic and social issues, finance and management, or on agriculture and rural development, all these papers require sound writing skills. And, the descriptive English paper is yet another paper that itself requires sound writing skills. So, if you need to be finally selected for your cherished exam, there is no alternative to enhancing your descriptive mode of writing.

Writing skills can never be developed in a few weeks or one month or two. But many of the aspirants commit a grave mistake by taking it easy. They think of preparing for the second phase after getting qualified for it. After getting qualified for the second phase, they have too little time left to prepare for this phase satisfactorily. In sheer helplessness, they resort to a few guessed questions and a little practice with or without evaluation from experts. In this way, the chances of their being finalists become bleak.

That you should not stop short while dealing with the descriptive answers; that you should not commit silly mistakes that cut down your score while writing the answers; that you should write the answers given with effectiveness, you need to follow a few but crucial points for the purpose:-

  1. Grammar
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Reading and Listening to a lot
  4. Writing the summary of what you have read and listened to
  5. Do editing and proofreading
  6. Do Paraphrasing
  7. Blogging and Vlogging

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