IB ACIO Tier 2 Most Important / Probable Essay Topics 2021

IB ACIO Tier 2 essay topics

Bankwhizz issues highly important Essay Topics for all regulatory body exams including IB ACIO, SBI PO, IBPS PO, ECGC PO, GIC and the other for better preparation for the Descriptive English Paper Exam. Our perfect guess eases the preparation of the aspirants. Hence, throw yourself into preparing for this paper right from now on the given topics so as to fix one seat for yourself. Please, don’t take this paper for granted as it keeps a lot of weightage in your final selection.

If we analyse the Descriptive English Paper of the Tier-2 of IB ACIO exam which was held previously three sections were there: Essay, Precis and Reading Comprehension. Please, look at the following:

Total Marks – 50

Total Time – 60 min

Number of Sections – 3 (Essay, Precis and Reading Comprehension)

Essay – 30 Marks (400 Words)

Precis – 10 Marks (250 words)

RC – 10 Marks (300 words)

Now, being a sincere aspirant, please, note down the essay topics which are most likely to be asked in the exam IB ACIO Tier-2 Descriptive English. 

Most Probable Essay Topics – 2021

  1. Naxal Attacks: Problems and Solutions
  2. India’s Internal Security Problems
  3. Is India’s Secular Image at stake?
  4. Handling Fear of COVID-19 Pandemic
  5. Roe of Social Media in Social Security
  6. Value of Votes in Indian Democracy
  7. Scope of 5G technology in India
  8. Digital India Mission: Challenges
  9. Artificial Intelligence: Technology of the next generation
  10. Importance of Team Spirit in an organization
  11. Importance of good Decision-making skills in life
  12. Is Make-in-India Mission making India self-reliant?
  13. Skill India Mission: Challenges
  14. World’s largest COVID-19 Vaccination Programme
  15. Vocal for Local: How much it is feasible
  16. Women Empowerment
  17. Women Participation in Politics
  18. Women entrepreneurship in India
  19. Water crisis: A menace
  20. One Nation one Ration Card
  21. One Nation one Election
  22. Handling Fake News
  23. Making Media Impartial
  24. The problem of unemployment is deepening in the country
  25. Is Lockdown the only measure to contain the COVID-19 virus
  26. Ensuring Access of Online Education to all