Model Essay writing on Money or Health for IBPS PO 2022

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In this article, we are providing a model essay writing on a very important essay topic.

Model essay on “Whether Money or Health is more important”

To some degree, you need money to buy resources to improve your life. Is money taking precedence over health? I believe the opposite is true: health is more than money.

We live in a world that is occupied with earning so much money. People understand that they want money to succeed in life. Without money, most of us believe that life would be unhappy. Of course, we need money to purchase things, to meet our needs, to obtain better medicines, to live a luxurious life, etc. But certain people lead happy lives, even without money. There are ascetics in India who live happily ever after with no money. We care about money simply because we believe that only a physical entity can bring us happiness. We believe that the ultimate objective of life is to make money, and once we do, we will be happy. We must emerge from that belief as soon as possible. Happiness is a state of mind and we need no physical entity to achieve happiness. Even in the villages of India, there are people who live happily with only a meagre amount for their everyday work.

Would we be happy without a wholesome spirit? Undoubtedly we may say, we cannot! They are complementary to each other. Happiness is …

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