NABARD Agriculture and Rural Development-ARD- Descriptive Questions – 2022

nabard grade a ard questions 2022
  1. Bio-fuels: Opportunities and Challenges in India
  2. Organic Farming and its limitations
  3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Crops in India
  4. Micro Irrigation is transforming Small Farms. Elucidate it.
  5. Impacts of Climate on Agriculture Food Supply
  6. Automation in Agriculture using Microcontroller
  7. Effects of Agriculture on the Environment
  8. Organic Farming Vs Conventional/Traditional Farming
  9. Digital Technology is a game changer in Agriculture
  10. What is Smart Farming and how is it shaping the future of agriculture?
  11. Sustainable Agriculture
  12. Use of Drone Technology for better farming
  13. Natural Disaster and its effect on agriculture
  14. Farming with waste management
  15. Green Farming
  16. Role of Agriculture in the Indian Economy
  17. Women’s Entrepreneurship and Culture
  18. What is cross-breeding? What are the advantages and disadvantages of crop-breeding?
  19. The WTO Agreement on agriculture has a dual effect on India’s economy. How?
  20. What is drip irrigation and how has it changed the face of agriculture?
  21. What is social forestry? What are its components and objectives?

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