NABARD Grade A Paper II – Descriptive Economic & Social Issues

Descriptive ESI Syllabus - NABARD

NABARD Grade A 2021 Mains (RDBS) Paper 2 General consists of Economic and Social Issues section. It consists of objective and descriptive questions.  It is made up of 100 marks, including 50 marks for descriptive ESI questions and 50 marks for objective ESI questions. In Descriptive ESI, 6 questions will be asked, of which candidates will be required to attempt 4 questions [2 of 15 marks each (with difficulty level) and 2 of 10 marks each]. The objective ESI will consist of 30 questions with a total of 50 marks.  The comprehensive NABARD Grade A syllabus is given below.

Nature of Indian Economy –

  • Structural and Institutional features
  • Economic underdevelopment
  • Opening up the Indian Economy
  • Globalisation
  • Economic Reforms in India
  • Privatisation. Inflation

Trends in Inflation & their Impact on National Economy and Individual Income

Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation in India

  • Rural and Urban
  • Measurement of Poverty
  • Poverty Alleviation Programmes of the Government.

Population Trends

  • Population Growth and Economic Development
  • Population Policy in India.


  • Characteristics / Status
  • Technical and Institutional changes in Indian Agriculture
  • Agricultural performance
  • Issues in Food Security in India
  • Non Institutional and Institutional Agencies in rural credit.


  • Industrial and Labour Policy
  • Industrial performance
  • Regional Imbalance in India’s Industrial Development
  • Public Sector Enterprises. Rural banking and financial institutions in India
  • Reforms in Banking/ Financial sector.

Globalisation of Economy

  • Role of International Funding Institutions
  • IMF & World Bank
  • WTO
  • Regional Economic Co-operation

 Social Structure in India

  • Multiculturalism
  • Demographic trends
  • Urbanisation and Migration
  • Gender Issues Joint family system
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Health and Environment


  • Status & System of Education
  • Socio -Economic Problems associated with Illiteracy
  • Educational relevance and educational wastage
  • Educational Policy for India. Social Justice

Problems of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes

  • socio-economic programmes for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and other backward classes

Positive Discrimination in favour of the under privileged

  • Social Movements
  • Indian Political Systems
  • Human Development

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