Previous Year Descriptive English Analysis of NPS Trust Grade B Officer Phase- II Exam-2021

The NPS Trust Grade B Phase II exam is over today on 9th October 2021. As far as the Descriptive Paper of this exam is concerned, the pattern was not so hard as per the aspirants who have sat for this. There were four sections – essay, letter, precis, and RC. The paper carried 100 marks – the essay section was 40 marks, and the rest three sections were of 20 marks each. The time allotted for this paper was one hour. The essay section had four essay topics out of which one was to be written in 300 words. The essay topics were:

  1. The benefit of sports on mental health
  2. The Impact of women on Gram Panchayat
  3. Contribution of society to the character-building
  4. ‘Impact of technology on poverty and food security due to COVID-19 pandemic’

As far as the Précis section is concerned, it was 20 Marks. It was to be written in around 110 words. The passage for it was almost the same ‘The role of technology for the recovery of the Indian economy after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Letter was to be written in 150 words. It carried 20 Marks. There were three-letter topics:

The first was:

  1. You have got a new job with a high salary. Write a letter to the Bank Manager requesting him to extend the credit card limit. The topic is quite common and easy to be written on. So, most candidates may have written on this topic very easily.
  2. The second letter topic was

Write a letter to an RTO (Road Transport Officer) about the increasing number of road accidents. This topic is also very easy to be written on.

  • The third letter topic was:

Write a letter to the former college Principal for the recommendation of a job. This letter topic is also quite easy.

The RC Section carried 20 marks. Many candidates who have sat for this exam felt quite uneasy with the passage, as the passage was quite discursive. It was all about physics, talking about the universe, cosmos, philosophy, theosophy, etc.