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Bank whizz welcomes you to this Platform which is student-friendly and informative. Friends, Grammatical Knowledge plays a vital role in fetching you good marks in your english section of bank exams. Your knowledge of Grammar is judged through various tools such as Detecting Common Errors, Improving Erroneous Sentences, Filling the gaps with appropriate Words with Grammatical Value and so on and so forth.
In this quiz series, you will learn how you can score well in the Section called Sentence Improvement. In Bank Exams, this section comprises questions with five options each whereas in other exams, four options are set. So, Bank Exams confuse you more by giving one extra option. By the way, Questions are questions. All questions are based on the same grammatical knowledge. Well, let’s look at the first problem of Sentence Improvement. The question is:

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1. Directions: Which of the following phrases a, b, c and d given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold type to make the sentence grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it, mark (e) as the answer.

Her pair of batteries having exhausted, she has decided to purchase a new pair of them.


2. With Sheer helplessness, she took to prostitution.


3. He has no use of working under any person.


4. The purchasing of luxurious goods will satisfy you.


5. He is sublime thought and so everybody listens to him.


6. It is necessary that we take any steps to reduce pollution soon.


7. It is too early to say how the impact the new tax will have on investors.


8. Kindly ask his advice regarding the various health insurance policies presently available.


9. Unfortunately many of our towns and cities do have more good transportation system.


10. Over the last few months, while most industries are busy in restructuring operations, cutting costs and firing, the Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare industry was adding manpower and giving salary hikes.