Outline for Essay Writing (Universal Health Care) – SEBI Grade A 2023

An outline for an essay on “achieving universal healthcare”

SEBI Grade A exam 2023 is approaching and essay writing is an important part of the exam. One of the most important topics for essay writing is “Achieving Universal Health Care”. Universal Health Care (UHC) refers to a system where every individual has access to healthcare services without facing financial hardships. It is a fundamental human right and a key element in achieving sustainable development goals.

This topic requires you to write an argumentative essay on the challenges and solutions for achieving Universal Health Care in India. In this post, we will provide an outline for writing an essay on this topic. The outline will cover the key points that need to be covered in the essay and provide a structure for organizing the content effectively. By following this outline, you can ensure that your essay is well-structured and covers all the important aspects of the topic.

I. Introduction

  • Definition of Universal Health Care
  • Importance of achieving UHC

II. Challenges in Achieving UHC

  • Inequitable access to health insurance
  • Lack of financial protection
  • Inclusion and exclusion errors in health insurance policies
  • Availability of services
  • Inadequate infrastructure
  • Poor health education

III. Solutions to Achieving UHC

  • Enhancement of health expenditure
  • Increase public investment in healthcare
  • Expand health insurance coverage
  • Prioritize primary healthcare
  • Improve healthcare quality
  • Invest in health information systems
  • Promote preventive healthcare
  • Foster partnerships

IV. Counterarguments

  • Cost of achieving UHC
  • Resistance from private healthcare providers

V. Conclusion

  • Recap of challenges and solutions
  • Importance of achieving UHC for overall development
  • Final thoughts and recommendations.