Precis Writing for NABARD Grade A / B Mains 2022

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Precis writing is asked in the descriptive English section of the NABARD Mains exam. There are 2 papers of 200 marks in the main exam.  Out of these 2 papers, descriptive English paper consists of 100 marks.  There are 3 descriptive English questions from Essay, Precis, Comprehension, and Business Correspondence.

The Precis writing section needs to be handled correctly to obtain better marks. In this article, we will discuss it in detail.

Before getting into the details of the subject, first, let us see what is precis writing.  What is supposed to be done by aspirants in the precis writing based on the given passage?

What is precis writing?

Precis’ writing sums up an understanding in limited words, covering all important aspects and details of the given passage. 

Rules of Precis Writing

To avoid making mistakes in writing a precis, follow a set of rules as outlined below:

  1. Read the passage thoroughly.
  2. Write down the important points.
  3. Write a rough sketch of the precis.
  4. Use simple and precise language, whenever possible.
  5. Complete the final precis once all points are included. 

Significant characteristics of a good precis

There are various elements that make an effective precis. For candidates who have just started their preparation for NABARD Mains, knowledge of the characteristics of a good precis is extremely vital.

Here are a few of the features that will help you write a great precis:

  • Precis Length: Do not write a long precis. In most cases, the number of words should correspond to almost a third of the number of words in the passage given in the exam.
  • This should be handy to read.    Be sure that the precis you write do not have too complex a vocabulary or are too complicated to understand.
  • Cover all important points.  When reading the passage, write down the important points and ensure that no points are skipped.
  • Has to be coherent.  Important terms concerning passage must also be included in precis.
  • Use a suitable title.  The Precis should have a title. You should therefore ensure that the title matches the given passage. 
  • The details within precis should match the details within the passage.  No other information, except that provided in the passage, is to be included in precis and any important information mentioned in the passage should definitely be included.

If you retain the above points for consideration while writing the precis, you would have written a good precis.

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All the best.