Previous Year Descriptive English Paper of NABARD Mains-2020

Previous year paper NABARD

On September 24, 2020, NABARD Mains took place. The highlights of the exam are as follows:

  1. There were Four Sections – Essay, Letter, Precis and Comprehension
  2. The Time-limit was 90 minutes for 100 Marks
  3. All the Essay Topics were not based on Agriculture by any means.
  4. The word-limit for essay was 400.
  5. The word-limit for Letter was 250.
  6. The word-limit for Precis was 150 i.e., the given passage was of around 450 words.

Essay Topics asked:-

  1. Health is Wealth or Money is Wealth
  2. The Importance of Communication Skills for Success in life.
  3. Should Digitalization and Internet be right or luxury?
  4. The increasing number of people living in Old Age homes. Different opinions between elders and young ones.
  5. Underemployment or Unemployment: which is worse?

Letter Topics asked:-

  1. Write a congratulatory letter to you niece in London doing PGD in Economics – Informal Letter
  2. Write a Letter to the Branch Manager to approve 40 lakhs Rupee-loan for House Renovation. – Formal Letter

Topic for Precis and Comprehension:-

  1. Mobile Addiction


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  2. You must have good typing skill so as to shape your thought into Text forms within the limited time frame.
  3. You will have to use virtual platform for practice. (Bankwhizz is an ideal platform for the same)
  4. Read a lot, analyze them a lot, shape them into your own words and finally get them evaluated by an expert for better marks (Bankwhizz provides you a 360 degree evaluation)