The Ultimate Guide to Precis Writing for the SEBI Grade A Exam

Introduction to Precis Writing

Precis writing is a crucial skill required for the SEBI Grade A Exam, as it tests candidates’ ability to comprehend and summarize complex information concisely. A precis is a condensed version of a given passage, capturing its main ideas, key points, and essential arguments while maintaining its overall meaning and tone. Mastering this skill is essential for effective communication and efficient information processing, which are crucial in various professional roles, including those within the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Key Components of a Precis

  1. Comprehension: The first step in precis writing is to thoroughly understand the given passage. Read it multiple times to grasp its central theme, supporting ideas, and the author’s viewpoint. Identify the main arguments and the structure of the passage.
  1. Identifying Main Ideas: Identify the central theme or main ideas presented in the passage. These are the key points that you need to include in your precis.
  1. Omitting Irrelevant Details: While writing a precis, avoid including trivial details, examples, and supporting data that do not contribute significantly to the main message. Focus only on the essential information.
  1. Maintaining the Tone: Preserve the original tone and style of the passage in your precis. Whether the original is formal, informal, persuasive, or informative, try to mirror that tone while summarizing.
  1. Using Own Words: A good precis should be written using your own words, demonstrating your understanding of the passage. Avoid directly copying sentences from the original text.
  1. Coherence and Flow: Ensure that your precis is well-structured and flows logically. Connect the main ideas coherently to present a seamless summary.
  1. Word Limit: Pay close attention to the word limit specified for the precis. Typically, precis writing in the SEBI Grade A Exam has a specific word count requirement that you must adhere to strictly.

Precis Writing Process

  1. Read the Passage Carefully: Take time to read the given passage more than once. Underline or highlight the main ideas and significant points.
  1. Create an Outline: Develop an outline of the precis before you begin writing. This will help you organize your thoughts and ensure you cover all essential points.
  1. Write the Precis: Start writing your precis following the outline you created. Use your own words to summarize the main ideas, ensuring coherence and clarity.
  1. Edit and Revise: Once you’ve completed the first draft, review it for grammar, punctuation, and coherence. Make necessary changes to improve the precis.
  1. Word Count Check: Verify if your precis meets the specified word limit. Trim or expand your writing as needed to stay within the given constraint.
  1. Final Review: Read the final precis again to ensure accuracy and precision. Check if you have captured the essence of the original passage effectively.

Tips for Effective Precis Writing

  1. Practice Regularly: Precis writing is a skill that improves with practice. Set aside time for regular practice to enhance your summarization abilities.
  1. Time Management: During the SEBI Grade A Exam, time management is crucial. Practice writing precis under timed conditions to improve speed without compromising quality.
  1. Vocabulary and Language: Work on expanding your vocabulary and mastering language skills. A good command of language will help you express ideas more effectively.
  1. Focus on Clarity: Ensure that your precis is clear and easy to understand. Avoid ambiguity and use straightforward language to convey the main ideas.
  1. Read Samples: Study well-written precis samples to understand the structure and style. Analyze how skilled writers condense complex passages without losing the essence.
  1. Seek Feedback: Have someone review your precis and provide constructive feedback. External input can help you identify areas for improvement.


Precis writing is a valuable skill that will serve you well in the SEBI Grade A Exam and beyond. By mastering the art of summarizing complex information while maintaining its essence, you can communicate effectively and efficiently in various professional settings. Remember to practice regularly, focus on clarity and coherence, and develop your language skills to excel in precis writing. With dedication and practice, you can enhance your precis writing abilities and ace the SEBI Grade A Exam with flying colors.