What should be the length of RC answers? |RBI|NABARD|SEBI

This is a frequently asked question ‘what should be the length of the answers to the questions of the given passage?’ In regulatory body exams, there are five questions set each carrying at least 5 marks. In SEBI Grade ‘A’ exam 2021, each question based on the given passage was of 8 marks, thus totaling 40 marks. Thus, raising doubts about the length of the answers is quite natural among the aspirants.

There are mainly two factors that decide the length of the answers, which are:

The allocation of marks for each question as the more weightage of marks is there, the more elaboration on the answers is needed.

The nature of the questions

Sometimes it so happens that the answer to the question is very direct and so gives no room for elaboration. In this condition, the length of the answer is short and you need not worry about whether you will be awarded with fewer marks. No, your answer will deserve due marks. But, please, keep in mind that any answer that deserves elaboration must not be shortened. Rather provide everything that fully satisfies the answer in your own language. You had better mention the points in support of the answer paragraph-wise not point-wise. However, the answer carrying 5 marks deserves at least three sentences.