Why descriptive English / ESI Mock should not be missed

Descriptive Mock Why should not be missed

Bank whizz has introduced “Descriptive English Mock” concept in India after identifying the need of improving writing skill to score better in descriptive English section. Bank whizz has following tools for it – 

  • The similar mock platform that of the actual exam
  • A series of personalized and non-personalized descriptive mock,
  • Section-wise and full mocks,
  • Fastest Evaluation,
  • Model answers,
  • Outlines for answer writing,
  • Exclusive fodder materials,
  • Video lectures,
  • Fundamentals, etc.

Need of the exclusive descriptive English platform

Although descriptive English is a game-changer in the final selection, aspirants often ignore it and concentrate on the prelims only through their preparation. Once they qualify for the mains, they start the hunt for study notes of essay, precis, comprehension and letter. The time available with them stays just 3 weeks after the preliminaries usually. And most of their time gets wasted in chasing materials and taking notes. Finally, in real examination, they do not even perform according to their potential because they have never appeared in a mock thus they even commit such mistakes that can easily be avoided.

Importance of Descriptive English in final selection

Everything is comparatively predictable in Descriptive English. It has 3 or sometimes 4 sections viz,. Essay, Precis, Letter/Report and Comprehension

For Comprehension and Precis, no outside information is needed other than Writing skill 

For the Essay, only one topic is to be written on among most probably 5 Topics. In fact, you have options to choose from. Unlike Objective Papers, the essay section is open-ended rather than close-ended. Like Essay, Letter/ Report has also a similar case.

Importance of Descriptive mock

  • It gives you an idea about the exam
  • It leads you to understand your weaknesses
  • It helps you understand the syllabus
  • Strategize with Mock Tests
  • You can come up with new tricks and tips
  • Mock tests help improve your speed
  • Helps you learn the study material
  • Keep track of your progress with mock tests
  • Mock tests create the ambiance of the real exam
  • Mock tests make you confident