Basic Facts about NABARD

You must know the following basic facts:-

What is the full form of NABARD?

It is ‘National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of India’.

When was NABARD founded?

It was founded on July 12, 1982.

How many district offices does NABARD have?

NABARD has 336 district offices.

Is NABARD a wholly owned Subsidiary of RBI?

No, because RBI sold 99% of its stake to Government of India.

Where is NABARD Headquarters?

Mumbai is its Headquarters.

Under whose Chairmanship was a committee constituted to review the arrangements for institutional credit for agriculture and rural development (CRAFICARD)?

It is Shri B. Sivaraman.

What was the Sivaraman Committee Report?

The Sivaraman Committee Report submitted on November 28, 1979 stated that there is a need for a new institution which will cater to the supply of credit flow for the development of the Rural India.

Which Act approved the setting up of NABARD and when did it come into existence?

Through Act 61 of 1981, the Parliament approved the setting up of NABARD which came into existence on July 12, 1982.

What was the initial amount with which NABARD started?

It was Rs 100 crore.

What is its Mission?

Its Mission is to promote sustainable and equitable agriculture and rural prosperity through effective credit support, related services, institution development and other innovative initiatives.

What is the role of NABARD?

Its role is to provide and manage credit flow for the development of the Rurual India.

How many loans are provided by NABARD?

Short term loans, Medium term loans, Long term loans.

Who is the Chairman of NABARD at present?

It is Dr. Harsh Kumar Bhanwala.