Most Probables Essay Topics

Here are some highly important Essay Topics for the Descriptive Paper English Exam. Keep practising on all of them on our exclusive platform Bankwhizz. You’ll get reviews from our experts within hours.

  1. What is financial inclusion? How is it necessary for the economy?
  2. What is the role of NABARD in extending financial inclusion to rural India?
  3. What are the roles and functions of NABARD?
  4. How is COVID 19 affecting the World Economy?
  5. Discuss the problem of the water crisis in India. Also, suggest some measures to mitigate the impact of the water crisis.
  6. Renewable source of energy is the need of the changing face of India.
  7. Suggest measures that can increase the income of Indian farmers.
  8. Organic Farming is known to be environmentally sustainable. Do you think it is sustainable economically as well?
  9. Artificial Intelligence technologies can be a game-changer for the agriculture sector. Discuss the relevance of the statement.
  10. How much is India ready to face the challenges of Cyber Crime in India?
  11. India has improved its rank in the Ease of Doing Business Index 2019. What were the major steps taken by the Government of India that led to this improvement?
  12. Reviving YES bank. How can India stop Banks from being bankrupt?
  13.          Discuss the problems related to the MSME sector. Why MSMEs are important for the Indian economy? What are the reforms required in this sector?
  14. Discuss the features of the Union Government’s Ayushman Bharat program. How will it bring a change in the Health sector of India?
  15. Do you think Genetically Modified crops are the best solution for food security in India? Support your argument with examples.
  16. Why is the unemployment rate rising in India? What are the various initiatives taken by the government to tackle this problem?
  17. Currently, the government is facing a challenge to provide clean drinking water facility to all. In the light of this, how would the recently launched Jal Jeevan Mission help in solving this problem?
  18.  What are the various reasons for the recent slowdown of the Indian Economy?
  19. Suggest some measures to address this issue.
  20. Discuss some strategies to combat climate change in India.
  21. What steps should be taken by India to achieve its goal of becoming a 5 trillion dollar economy?
  22. Discuss the salient features of the KUSUM scheme.
  23. Road connectivity is the most important step in building rural India. Do you agree with this?
  24. Discuss the features and relevance of Kisan credit Card butYojana and the role of Reserve Bank of India in the same.A
  25. Organic farming: Opportunities and challenges
  26.  Corona Virus – Nature’s wrath
  27. The unorganized sector in India – a big barrier on the way to Fast Economic Growth
  28. Economic Depression likely to hit India
  29. How can the Economy of India be brought back to its usual course of Action?
  30.  India after the Lockdown- opportunities, and Threats
  31. The ugly side of Lab researches
  32.  What does Nature teach us?
  33. Roles of Banks in restoring India’s Economy
  34. Should WHO be made much more responsible in combating novel diseases?
  35. Role of G-20 in combating COVID-19
  36. The after-effects of the pandemic in the world?
  37. What is more important- more temples, more mosques, more gurdwaras, and churches or more hospitals?
  38. What has taught COVID-19 to the whole world?
  39. Can cuts in Bank rates boost the Indian Economy at this economic crunch?
  40. What should be the measures to be taken to bring back normalcy in India?
  41. Suggest some measures to uplift the rural economy in India
  42. Suggest some effective measures that can accelerate the agricultural growth in India
  43. The whopping size of population in India can prove to be a boon. Justify these statements

How to score better in the Essay Writing Section?

Please, follow the following:

  • Don’t jump to writing the essay as soon as you get the topic.
  • Just take a pause and make a proper framing of the essay to be written on.
  • Pick and choose that Essay topic which you are more familiar with.
  • Practise on our Descriptive Mock Test Window which is as similar as that of the actual exam.
  • Be precise. The essay must not exceed 300 words.
  • It is a must to get your essay reviewed by experts. Bankwhizz provides you with Reviews from our experts. Follow them.