ARD NABARD MAINS 2020 Quiz 4 : Soil Erosion and Conservation

Soil Erosion and Conservation

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1. The cutting of trees from the forests of hill near a catchment area:


2. Grasses possess great regenerative power because they are:


3. To prevent wind and water erosion, the crop is sometimes harvested in such a way that a basal stub of the plant is left behind. This phenomenon is called:


4. Soil erosion in plains consequent to rain fall is initiated by:


5. The term riparian erosion is applied to:


6. It occurs under normal conditions:


7. Erosion of very fine particles is seen on account of:


8. If the top soil has been eroded, we retire a land and grow over it:


9. If the same crop is repeatedly grown in a field:


10. Bunds, dams and drains are constructed to prevent: