Quiz on Agriculture and Rural Development for NABARD Mains-Soil Erosion

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The ARD (Agriculture and Rural Development) Paper in NABARD Main Exam is very important requiring high skills. The following is a Quiz covering the questions on ‘Soil Erosion’. Let’s get started:

Soil Erosion and Conservation

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1. Terracing is an affective method of soil conservation:


2. Which is the main causative factor for desertification ?


3. Deforestation may reduce the chances of:


4. Deforestation causes:


5. One of the following crops is the most effective in controlling soil erosion:


6. Sheet erosion is caused by:


7. Soil conservation means:


8. Soil conservation can best achieved by having:


9. Main indicator of soil erosion is:


10. Dark coloured soils are considered most fertile as they contain: