Business Letter Topics for SIDBI, SBI, IBPS, NABARD Exams

business letters

Business letter topics – 2023

A business letter is a formal and a matter-of-fact treatment. They require simple, systematic and formal treatment of the subject.

A business letter comprises 8 essential parts-

  1. Sender’s Address
  2. The Date
  3. The Name and Address of the Addressee
  4. Subject
  5. The Salutation
  6. The Body or Content of letter
  7. The Complimentary Close
  8. Signature

Highly Important Business Letter Topics

  1. You are the Manager of your Bank, which is in need of a pack of A-4 files for record maintenance. Write a letter to the concerned company placing orders for these.
  2. You have placed an order for a pack of A-4 files with Ajanta, Mumbai, Maharashtra. You have not received the files so far. Write a letter to the stationary company complaining about the non-compliance of your order.
  3. You’re the Manager of an IT company, which has supplied you with some defective PC systems. Write a complaint letter for such defective systems.
  4. You are to launch an Internet cafe, which requires quality desktops to render the best services to your customers. Write a letter to the related supplier to supply your favourite desktops at the earliest. 
  5. Write a complaint letter to the supplier for the late delivery of desktops.
  6. You and your family are planning a week-long holiday to a hill-station in the northern part of the country. Write a letter to a travel agency enquiring about the charges, facilities, and all the other necessary details.
  7. You ordered for your startup 5 Acer LCD monitors with 19.5 screen size with a 2-year warranty a few months ago. But three of them are defective. A monitor displays a deep lining at its centre, the other two get blacked out on continuous use. Register your complaint letter to the company’s email requesting it to replace them against the warranty.
  8. You have purchased a dslr camera very recently, but the problem is how to operate it quite smoothly. Write a letter to the supplier asking for assistance of a locally recruited person from the service centre.
  9. Write a letter to the Manager of a Hotel at Shimla, asking him to reserve you a double room from ____ to ____. 
  10. You are the Manager of the Cricket-Club of your organization/company. You had purchased some cricket equipment. Some of the articles have been found defective. Write a letter to the firm that made the supplies asking them to replace these defective articles or refund their cost. 

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