Comprehension Strategies for the IRDAI Assistant Manager Exam


The Comprehension section of the IRDAI Assistant Manager Exam tests your ability to understand and analyze complex passages. This chapter provides essential strategies to help you improve your comprehension skills and perform well in this section of the exam.

I. Preview the Passage:

  1. Begin by quickly scanning the passage to get an overview of the topic and structure.
  2. Pay attention to headings, subheadings, and any bold or italicized text that indicates important information.
  3. Note the length of the passage and allocate your reading time accordingly.

II. Read Actively:

  1. Read the passage carefully, focusing on understanding the main idea and key points.
  2. Highlight or underline important information, such as facts, statistics, or supporting evidence.
  3. Take brief notes or write marginal annotations to summarize each paragraph or section.

III. Identify the Question Type:

  1. Analyze the given questions to determine the type of information required, such as factual details, main idea, inference, or author’s perspective.
  2. Understanding the question type helps you approach the passage with a specific focus.

IV. Skim and Scan:

  1. Skim the passage once more, this time looking for specific information related to the questions.
  2. Use keywords from the questions to guide your scanning process.
  3. Focus on the relevant sections of the passage to save time and locate the necessary information efficiently.

V. Answer Strategically:

  1. Start with the questions that you find easiest and can answer confidently.
  2. Refer back to the passage for specific details and evidence to support your answer choices.
  3. Eliminate incorrect answer options by using the process of elimination.

VI. Understand Context and Tone:

  1. Pay attention to the context of the passage and the tone of the author.
  2. Consider how the author’s tone influences the meaning and implications of the text.
  3. Identify any bias, assumptions, or logical fallacies present in the passage.

VII. Practice Time Management:

  1. Allocate your time wisely, ensuring that you have enough time to read and answer all the questions.
  2. Monitor your pace and avoid spending excessive time on difficult questions.
  3. Leave some time at the end to review and revise your answers if possible.

VIII. Enhance Vocabulary and Reading Speed:

  1. Expand your vocabulary by regularly reading a variety of materials.
  2. Practice reading comprehension passages from previous exams or sample papers to improve your reading speed.


Mastering comprehension strategies is crucial for success in the IRDAI Assistant Manager Exam. By implementing the strategies outlined in this chapter, such as active reading, strategic answering, and effective time management, you can enhance your comprehension skills and increase your chances of achieving a higher score. Regular practice and familiarity with different types of passages will further strengthen your abilities in this section.