SEBI Grade A 2022 Phase 2 Analysis: Descriptive English | Previous year Papers

SEBI Grade A 2022 Phase 2 Analysis: Descriptive English


The SEBI Grade A Phase 2 Exam 2022 included an English Descriptive section that tested candidates’ reading comprehension, precise writing, and essay writing skills. The exam analysis reveals that the topics asked were considered relatively easy by the students. 

Note: The word limit for the essay writing is 200 words, but the word limit for the reading comprehension section is not specified.

I. Reading Comprehension (40 Marks):

Role of Wealth Forecasting and its Impact on Farmers:

  • This topic emphasized the significance of wealth forecasting for farmers.
  • Focus on how wealth forecasting can help farmers make informed decisions regarding their agricultural practices and financial management.

II. Precise Writing (20 Marks, 150 Words):

Topic: Nutrition and Food Analysis:

  • Candidates were required to write a precise composition on the importance of analyzing the nutritional content of food.
  • Discuss the benefits of understanding nutritional levels and its impact on overall health and well-being.

III. Essay (30 Marks, 200 Words):

Candidates had a choice to attempt one out of four given topics. The following essay topics were provided:

Asset and Reconstruction Companies:

  • Analyze the role and functioning of asset and reconstruction companies in the financial sector.
  • Discuss their significance in managing distressed assets and contributing to economic stability.

Mental Health:

  • Explore the importance of mental health and its impact on individuals and society.
  • Highlight the need for awareness, support systems, and destigmatization of mental health issues.

Online Classes:

  • Examine the benefits and challenges associated with online education.
  • Discuss the role of online classes in promoting access to education and its impact on traditional learning methods.

How Banks can Contribute to Financial Literacy:

  • Discuss the role of banks in promoting financial literacy among the general public.
  • Highlight the initiatives and strategies banks can adopt to educate individuals about financial management and investment options.


The SEBI Grade A Phase 2 English Descriptive Test comprised reading comprehension, precise writing, and essay writing sections. The topics covered various aspects of finance, agriculture, health, and education. By understanding and preparing for these topics, candidates can enhance their chances of performing well in the exam and securing a good score.