Cracking the ESI Section: Key Topics and Strategies for RBI Grade B Exam

Aspiring to be an RBI Grade B officer? The Economic and Social Issues (ESI) section in the RBI Grade B exam plays a vital role in your selection. It tests your knowledge and understanding of economics, social issues, and their interlinkages. To crack this section, you need to have a solid grasp of the key topics and a well-planned strategy. In this post, we will discuss the important topics and strategies to help you crack the ESI section of the RBI Grade B exam.

Key Topics in the ESI Section

The ESI section of the RBI Grade B exam covers a wide range of topics. However, some topics are more important than others. Here are the key topics that you should focus on:

Macroeconomics: This topic covers various macroeconomic concepts like GDP, inflation, fiscal and monetary policies, etc. Understanding these concepts and their interlinkages is crucial to score well in this section.

Social Issues: Social issues like poverty, inequality, gender, and health are an integral part of the ESI section. You need to understand the various dimensions of these issues and the policies to address them.

Economic Reforms: This topic covers the major economic reforms that India has undergone in the last few decades. You need to understand the objectives, outcomes, and challenges of these reforms.

Financial Markets: Understanding the functioning of financial markets like stock market, bond market, and money market is important to crack this section.

International Economics: This topic covers international trade, balance of payments, exchange rates, and international economic organizations. You need to have a good understanding of these concepts and their interlinkages.

ESI Exam Strategy

Now that you know the key topics, let’s discuss the strategy to crack the ESI section of the RBI Grade B exam.

Know the Exam Pattern: Understand the exam pattern and weightage of each topic. This will help you prioritize your preparation and focus on the important topics.

Study from Reliable Sources: Study from reliable sources like NCERT textbooks, Economic Survey, and newspapers like The Hindu and Business Standard. These sources provide comprehensive and authentic information on various topics.

Practice Writing: The ESI section of the RBI Grade B exam has both objective and descriptive questions. Practice writing descriptive answers within the given word limit. This will improve your writing skills and help you score well in the exam.

Solve Mock Tests: Solve mock tests regularly to get an idea of the exam pattern and assess your preparation level. Analyze your performance and identify the areas that need improvement.

Revision: Revision is crucial to retain what you have learned. Make a revision plan and revise regularly. This will help you recall the concepts quickly during the exam.


The ESI section of the RBI Grade B exam requires a good understanding of economics and social issues. Focus on the key topics and develop a well-planned strategy to crack this section. Study from reliable sources, practice writing, solve mock tests, and revise regularly. With consistent efforts and a positive attitude, you can crack the ESI section of the RBI Grade B exam and achieve your dream of becoming an RBI Grade B officer.