RBI, NABARD ESI Descriptive Questions Full Mocks

rbi nabard descriptive esi important questions

The following are highly important Descriptive Questions based on Economic and Social issues. Attempt all the questions keeping in mind the time and word limit. You can attempt one mock for free. You will get an evaluation from our experts. Register for free.

Full Mock – 1

Long Type

Describe various Poverty Estimation Methods in relation to the following:

  1. Per Capita
  2. Inflation and Consumption
  3. Safety Net Programme
  4. How are the different dimensions of Globalization evolved since the last Global Financial Crisis of 2008? Analyze its impact.
  5. What are the vertical and horizontal allocations of resources to states as per the 15th Finance Commission? How can this objective be achieved?

Short Type Questions (400 words)

  • What is the influence of Demographic Transition on economic growth with reference to India?
  • What are the 3 measures that are related to the Disinvestment of Strategic Sectors and non-strategic Sectors in Union Budget 2022-23? 
  • Discuss India’s commitment to climate change in light of socio-economic, health, and development projects.

Full Mock – 2

Long Type (600 Words)

  1. Analyze the Indian Economy after the BoP crisis of 1991.
    1. Indian Unicorns can translate the dream of India’s being a 5 trillion dollar economy into a reality. Explain.
    1. The currency of Japan’s Yen is of less value than India’s, yet Japan is economically a developed country. Give reasons.

Short Type (400 Words)

  1. What do you understand by sustainable development? Where does India stand in such development?
  2. Which are the variables that measure economic freedom enjoyed by citizens?
  3. Distinguish between head-count ratio and poverty-gay ratio as measures of poverty. What is the extent of poverty in India?

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