ECGC PO 2021 Exam Analysis

ECGC exam analysis

Dear Aspirant,
The ECGC PO exam was over on 14th March 2021. The Descriptive English Paper comprised two sections-Essay and Precis. Two options for essay and two for Precis were set but only one in each section was to be attempted. The word limit for the essay was 150 words whereas the précis was to be written in only 100 words that is to say the passage for the précis consisted of around 300 words. The essay and précis carried 20 marks each. And the time allotted was 40 minutes. Bankwhizz prepared on this section quite well with a good many mocks on highly probable topics. The two essay topics that were asked in the ECGC PO Exam 2021 were:

(1) The Impact of COVID 19 on Aviation Sector and
(2) Importance of Mental Health

Our Fodder Materials contained the Model Essay on ‘Socio-economic Impact of COVID-19’, which covers the asked topic in the exam.
We know that COVID-19 has impacted all the sectors very badly. The aviation, tourism and education sectors were the worst hit. The education sector is still undergoing hard-times. When the pandemic began to spread across the country, all scheduled international flights were suspended from March 23, 2020. To survive the pandemic-induced crisis, all airlines took cost cutting measures like firings or pay cuts during the pandemic in 2020. The impact of this disruption on the Aviation Sector can be measured by the loss figures of India’s two largest airlines. Indigo incurred net losses of 2,884 crore and Spicejet 600 crore. After a long gap, the sector was opened up and everything is normal amid a few restrictions. Friend, while writing an essay, don’t forget to mention the term used in the essay title wherever necessary so that you may show that your essay is not a deviation from the main point. Follow it while writing on all essay titles.

The second essay title that was asked was ‘Importance of Mental Health’. Friend, this topic comes under the title ‘Importance of Health’ or ‘Health is Wealth’. Health doesn’t mean the physical health only. It refers to mental and spiritual health as well. A person can be considered healthy only if he is healthy on all these strata. Yoga is the best means which maintains these three kinds of health. Mental health refers to that kind of state in which a man realizes his own capabilities and handling the normal pressures of life, he can work with productivity and fruitfulness. In this state, he contributes to a healthy society psychologically. Suicides, depression, smoking, drinking, riotous and violent behavior are the indicators of unhealthy mental state. Thus, friend, you can deal with this essay effectively.

The passages for précis was based on Binge-watching and Hike on Salaries due to COVID19. Friend, ‘Binge Watching’ means ‘the practice of watching various episodes of a television programme in rapid succession’. This is a general trend especially among housewives, who better know which is going on in which episode of in which serial.