Essay Topics asked previously in LIC AAO Descriptive English

The Essay Writing section in the LIC AAO Descriptive Test is designed to test the candidate’s ability to express their thoughts and opinions on a given topic. Some of the essay topics that have been asked in the previous year’s LIC AAO Descriptive Test are:

  1. Role of Technology in Education
  2. Impact of Social Media on Society
  3. Climate Change and its Impacts
  4. Digital India: Opportunities and Challenges
  5. Women Empowerment in India
  6. Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence
  7. Demonetization and its Effects on the Economy
  8. Ethics and Values in Business
  9. Importance of Financial Planning for the Future
  10. Corruption in India: Causes and Remedies

Candidates should note that the essay topics can be from a wide range of subjects and domains, and they should be prepared to write on any topic with clarity and coherence. It is advisable to keep oneself updated with current events, social issues, and economic policies to have a broader understanding of the topics.

To prepare for the essay writing section, candidates should practice writing essays on a regular basis and get feedback from mentors and peers to improve their writing style and structure. Candidates should focus on developing a clear and concise writing style and demonstrate their ability to express their ideas and opinions effectively. Reading newspapers, magazines, and other relevant materials can also help candidates improve their writing skills and keep themselves updated with current events and social issues. Finally, it is important to manage time effectively during the exam and allocate sufficient time to each section to ensure that all questions are answered accurately and comprehensively.