Descriptive English for LIC AAO 2023

The Descriptive Test in LIC AAO Mains exam is designed to test the candidate’s writing skills and ability to express their thoughts clearly and effectively in English. The Descriptive Test consists of two parts:

  1. Essay Writing: Candidates will be given a topic or theme, and they have to write an essay on it. The essay can be argumentative, descriptive, or narrative in nature, and candidates are expected to express their thoughts clearly and coherently.
  2. Letter Writing: Candidates will be given a situation or context, and they have to write a letter in response to it. The letter can be formal or informal, and candidates should demonstrate their ability to write with clarity and precision.

The topics for the Descriptive Test can be from a wide range of subjects and domains, and candidates should be prepared to write on any topic with clarity and coherence. Some of the topics that may be covered in the Descriptive Test include current events, social issues, economic policies, scientific advancements, and cultural developments.

To prepare for the Descriptive Test, candidates should focus on improving their writing skills, vocabulary, and grammar. Reading newspapers, magazines, and other relevant materials can help candidates develop their writing skills and keep themselves updated with current events and social issues. Candidates should also practice writing essays and letters on a regular basis and get feedback from mentors and peers to improve their writing style and structure. It is also important to manage time effectively during the exam and allocate sufficient time to each section to ensure that all questions are answered accurately and comprehensively.