Essay writing on Uniform Minimum Age of Marriage for SEBI Grade A 2022

The essay topic ‘Uniform Minimum Age for marriage’. Will this move by the Central Government help girls stand vis-à-vis boys? Will this move boost Women’s Empowerment? Will this bring about gender equality? Will this bring about gender justice and dignity?

As we know that every essay has a fixed format. It must have its

  1. Introduction
  2. Body and
  3. Conclusion

The introduction and the conclusion will remain as it is; but, the body will comprise:

  1. Background’, and
  2. The pros and the cons of the topic

In the Introduction, what you need to do is to explain the given topic with a few facts and data. Such as; What is the issue all about?

  • Why has this issue been raised?
  • Why is it needed to raise the legal marriage age of girls?
  • What is the current scenario of girls’ marriage in the country?
  • Where does the government stand in this regard?

The Body will comprise two sub-titles:

  • Background and
  • The pros and cons of the topic Finally, you should provide your point of view in the form of a Conclusion.