Tips for Essay Writing for SEBI Grade A


Dear SEBI aspirants,

While preparing for SEBI Grade A Main Exam, you need to spend considerable time in Paper II. But you should also pay attention to Descriptive English i.e. Paper I. Out of 100 marks in descriptive English, there could be a difference of 10 or 20 marks if you make an organized preparation solely under the guidance of a mentor instead of a random preparation. You must write an essay, a precis and 5 questions of a reading comprehension. Please study the following table –

Marks (Total 100)303040
Question1 to be written out of given 4 topics1 precis, with a suitable title5 question (5*8 marks)
Composite time = 60 Minutes
No of words200 wordsDepends on the passage length, however last year aspirans were needed to write in 170 words.No of words is not given in the exam. However you need to elaborate in sufficient no of words keeping in mind, each question has 8 marks weightage.

Note:- Passage for precis and comprehension will be different. (This pattern has been derived from the actual mains exam of SEBI Grade A previously held.)

This paper can make or break your final tally. This article gives you a few tips to follow while preparing for the essay writing.

How to Prepare for Essay in SEBI Mains Exam 2022?

  1. You have to focus on going through different articles based on the Current Announcements of the Government or Events going on in and out of the country.
  2. You have also to keep sound knowledge of Traditional Topics such as Dowry System, Population, Unemployment, Poverty Alleviation, the Menace of Terrorism, etc.
  3. Prepare materials on general issues such as development, women, education, health care, the Internet, technology, science, etc. Your content should include quotations, case studies, examples, government initiatives, and so on. It will come in handy while writing the essay. But pay attention when writing what you have prepared. You should write your essay according to the topic, not what you have prepared.
  4. Get into the habit of reading newspaper editorials daily. Essay topics from current affairs are often asked
  5. You have not only to keep acquiring knowledge on various topics but also keep mentioning all those in black and white in an organized way.
  6. Concentrate more on actual examples rather than theoretical jargon. Although many topics may seem theoretical, you need to write relevant, contemporary, current affairs-related stuff in your essay.
  7. You should try to approach a topic from different angles like political, social, historical, environmental, ethical, etc.
  8. Be firm on writing two to three Essays per day and then get analyzed all of them by a mentor so as to make your Essays much more effective. Do all this on a daily basis.
  9. You essay should have an introduction, body and conclusion.
  10. Apply your Grammatical Knowledge while writing essays.
  11. Keep your sentences precise representing your sound knowledge about the topic given.
  12. Resist the temptation to argue too aggressively or one-sidedly in the essay, regardless of how passionate you are about the topic.
  13. Organize your thought point-wise so as to make it eye-catching. Any verbosity is not entertained.