Tips for Essay Writing

Essay Writing

Dear Bank Aspirant,

If you have got selected for the Descriptive Paper of a Bank Exam, you need to be very much sincere about preparing for Descriptive Paper. Don’t forget that the preparation for Objective Type Exam and that for Descriptive one are poles apart. You need to focus on the following Points to score better in the exam:

  • You have to focus on going through different articles based on the Current Announcements of the Government or Events going on in and out of the country.
  • You have also to keep sound knowledge of Traditional Topics such as Dowry System, Population, Unemployment, Poverty Alleviation, the Menace of Terrorism, etc.
  • You have not only to keep acquiring knowledge on various topics but also keep mentioning all those in black and white in an organized way.
  •  If possible, try to arrange a group, in which you can share, discuss and debate on the contents you have gone through.
  • Be firm on writing two to three Essays per day and then analyze all of them so as to make your Essays much more effective. Do all this on a daily basis.
  • Apply your Grammatical Knowledge while writing essays.
  • Keep your sentences precise representing your sound knowledge about the topic given.
  • Organize your thought point-wise so as to make it eye-catching. Any verbosity is not entertained.