Letter Writing: Model Letter 2

Letter Writing Model 4

Write a letter in about 150 words on the following topics. “A letter to a bank pledging valuables against loans ” 

Sample Letter

Ans :-


Aruna Nagar


Date: _______


The Manager

Syndicate Bank


Subject: To pledge valuable against loans


I have been a trustworthy customer of your reputed bank for more than ten years. I have a current account No. 22xxxxx6867 with your bank through which daily transactions of thousands take place. 

I want to extend my business for which I require a loan of Rs 3 lakhs. I am ready to pledge securities against this loan amount. The details of the valuables have been attached to this letter. And I am ready to fulfil all the formalities which the bank requires.

Hence, keeping all the details provided by me, you are requested to sanction the aforesaid loan at the earliest.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Faithfully yours,