How do we prepare for the English Descriptive Paper for RBI Grade B Exam

How to prepare for RBI Grade B Descriptive Paper English

Dear Aspirant,

RBI Grade B Exam is one of the highly prestigious exams the preparation of which requires sincere and meditative approach. As it covers a very vast syllabus, you require focusing on all the papers together. So, preparing for this exam on a particular strategy is a must. Let’s have a look at the following chart displaying the comparison between the MCQ-based Paper and Descriptive Paper:

You need to study some selective parts. What you require is to keep yourself updated with current news and events.On the basis of it, the following things are notable. You have got to study endlessly as you’re always in the state of utter confusion which portion of the syllabus bears more weightage.
It requires a little effort with sincerity for better score.This Paper is close-ended. It requires a vast input of knowledge but the output in form of score is always questioned.
The questions to be asked can be guessed.The questions to be asked can hardly be guessed.
You have the advantage of giving answers out of the source given. What you need is to have good writing skill.You do not get any advantage of such kind.
You need more guidance than fodder materials as this paper involves evaluation for your answers from experts on a regular basis.You need both guidance and fodder materials.
You cannot evaluate your answers yourself until and unless you approach an expert who has enough experience to evaluate your answers from different dimensions.You can evaluate your answers yourself and on the basis of which you approach special guidance and materials for some particular sections.
You require a good sense of analyzing any news or event to frame your answer and then practice it on a platform very much similar to that of the actual exam.You need to go through the theory and practice as well.

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